Free, Safe, and Open

Darby Community potluck and dance.
Darby Community potluck and dance.

The doors of Darby Community Public Library are open to everyone in our community regardless of age, race or financial status. The library provides education and entertainment for free. However, right now, our capacity to improve our services is limited.

With this millage increase, Darby Community Public Library can offer the community a 21st century library with up to date technology and more support for our technology users. We will be open to provide a safe place of learning for kids after school. We will be able to bring our materials budget back up to par to provide current educational and recreational resources. But we need YOUR help!

The passage of millage increase will help the Darby Community Public Library provide new generation library services to our community.  The election will be held September,15. Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015. Register at the Ravalli County Election office up to September 15.

Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library!


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