Access to Essential Technology

VOTE YESA report from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, sponsored by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, details why access to computer and the internet is essential in our libraries:

More so than with other types of use, users with access to computers and the Internet at home, school, or work are still heavy users of library computers for educational purposes. This is particularly the case with doing homework where household competition for computer access may interfere with timely accomplishment of assignments. Users also expressed the efficiency of using library computers for education when additional materials or help from librarians is needed.

A Yes vote on the millage increase for Darby Community Public Library means more computers available for our users. It will also help staff get the training they need to provide the best support possible whether you need computers to complete homework, apply for job, fill out online forms, or manage your finances. We want a new generation of library services for Darby and we need your help on election day. Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015.

Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library!


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