Support for Local Businesses

Vote Libraries the Toolbox of Our CommunityBitterroot Valley is no longer supported by the lumber industry and our main street is home to several small and local businesses. In Darby, the local economy is vibrant after the recession offering jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, craft breweries, wineries, and recreational services.

The Darby Community Public Library delivers a wide range of services to local entrepreneurs and businesses such as business intelligence through our highly trained reference staff, electronic databases to research the most current issues and trends, conference rooms for meeting with investors and clients, and staff-training workshops. We want to continue to provide these services, but we need your vote YES on September 15.

There will be a ballot measure on the September 15, 2015 ballot, asking voters if they support a 3-mill increase for library funding. This will provide about 1/3 of our annual budget and we need your help to secure the next generation of library services.
Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library! Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015.


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