Access to Computers and the Internet in the Library

computer room
The computer room in Darby Community Public Library is a very busy place. In addition to the computer room, the library circulates five laptop computers for patron in-house use. Other library users bring in their own computers and electronic devices to connect to the Internet using the library’s free WiFi access.

The Darby Community Public Library provides technology for use by our community. This includes not only computers, but reliable high speed Internet access, and basic productivity software. These resources can be used by anyone in the community who do not otherwise have access to technology or by families who may have only one household computer and need more capacity during crunch times.

In the 2013-2014 year, Darby Community Public Library users accessed the library’s high speed Internet from mobile devices 1,015 times. Currently, the 14 public access computers in the computer room have 168 weekly users. We know this is an essential service to the community and the library needs your help to maintain its technology services.

There will be a measure on the September 15, 2015 ballot, asking voters if they support a 3-mill increase for library funding. This increase will help insure that staffing is available to help with computer assistance and that technology is maintained and upgraded regularly.
Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library! Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015.


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