The Library as Opportunity

geyser event soda pop geysers 4 (1)According to a 2013 PEW study*, “95% of Americans ages 16 and older agree that the materials and resources available at public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed”.

Government and healthcare agencies increasingly require people to submit essential forms online. Likewise more corporations only accept online job applications. Often these forms cannot be obtained in print and traditional mail or appointments for in person help may increase wait times that can be unmanageable for some without access to the internet.

Over the summer children need to stay engaged to continue learning and be prepared for the return to school in the fall. E-books or online learning apps supplement other summer activities, but purchasing or subscribing to the resources can be expensive and prohibitive when there is the additional burden of increased childcare costs over the summer.

Darby Community Public Library provides access to these resources to anyone in the community who needs them. Whether applying for a job, filling out essential forms, or providing summer learning, many Darby residents depend on the Library to deal with these important aspects of our lives.

There will be a ballot measure on the September 15, 2015 ballot, asking voters if they support a 3-mill increase for library funding. This will provide about 1/3 of our annual budget and we need your help to secure the next generation of library services.

Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library! Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015.

*How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities, PEW Research Center, 2013.


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