Funding Our Valuable Library

Kids on library computerThe Darby Community Public Library offers access to several types of resources including books, eBooks, magazines, DVDs, music, and research databases. The library also supports lifelong learning and success in school and in the job market by providing educational and arts programs for all ages.

But the Darby Community Public Library is much more than resources and programs.

According to a 2013 Pew Research study, “How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities”, the vast majority of Americans say that public libraries play an important role in their communities. Specifically providing,

  • Opportunity: 95% of Americans agree that public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed
  • Literacy: 95% say that public libraries are important because they promote literacy and a love of reading
  • Quality of Life: 94% say that having a public library improves the quality of life in a community

The Darby Community Library is a valued resource and key partner in the success of a healthy community.  There will be a ballot measure on the September 15, 2015 ballot, asking voters if they support a 3 millage increase for library funding. If passed, the impact of the mill levy increase on a home valued at $200,000.00 would be about $7.86 per year. These funds will be used for more staffing and patron support, keeping the library open as a safe after school environment, building repairs, and increasing the collections budget. For more information see the library’s Bond site.

Vote YES for Darby Community Public Library! Ballots will be mailed and voting begins August 26, 2015.


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