Internet Access is Essential

Vote YES logoDarby has a higher rate of Internet access compared to households nationwide. According to 99% of households have access to Internet technology. However, according to an independent study only 87% of households have a working Internet connection. The Darby Community Public Library provides essential public computers and Internet access for those people who don’t have access to them in their homes.

In 2013-2014, library computers were used over 8,000 times for creating resumes, job searching, online job applications, homework assignments, etc. Professional library staff assisted patrons with technology questions and provided one on one help to patrons with these online activities. In order for the Darby Community Public Library to continue to provide this essential resource, we need YOUR help.

Ballots are in the mail this week asking voters if they support a 3-mill increase for library funding. This will fund increased staff support of library technology and provides about 1/3 of the library’s annual budget. Help secure the next generation of library services by voting YES for Darby Community Public Library! Ballots are arriving in homes this week and must be in by September 15.


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