Google is Not a Librarian

Illustration of children at story timeAre you hearing this retort when telling your neighbors that they should Vote YES for the library millage increase?

Why do we need libraries when we have Google?

It’s true that Google has made it easy to find almost anything you could imagine on the internet. But the library has something the internet doesn’t have…librarians. The Internet can’t recommend a the next great read to you because it knows the real extent of your imagination. The internet can’t make those funny little noises your child likes so much during story time or teach them how to read. The Internet can’t provide a lawn for shooting off rockets in the name of science (and fun). It can’t teach you how to knit, or paint, or craft. And the Internet can’t love your community.

But a librarian can, and they do everyday in the Darby Community Public Library.

Our community deserves a 21st century library supported by expert staff. Vote YES for Darby Library! Mark your ballot and mail it in by September 15th. Or hand deliver ballots to the Ravalli County Election Office, 215 South 4th St., Suite C; Hamilton, MT 59840.


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