It’s Time to Stand Together for Our Library

ballot yesWe know that having access to good a good library with the right resources is a quality of life issue for Darby. Libraries in good repair, with the latest technology will make a positive, multi-generational impact on our kid’s education, on the readiness of the workforce for 21st Century jobs, and all sorts of community outcomes that need a place like a library to be nurtured and grow.  That’s why we are voting FOR for the 3 millage increase.  It’s a smart way to spend our public resources, because our libraries serve everyone.  All of the funds will go directly to the library (not the town).  We want our librarians to have the resources they need and we want our town to have the library we deserve.

The Darby Community Public Library BIC is asking for your support of the 3 millage increase so the library can deliver on these four promises:

#1 Repair and maintain the building with dedicated funds. Use of the library has grown by over 200% since the library opened in 2004. Your FOR vote is essential for keeping the library building safe and enjoyable for all of its users.

#2 Purchase books, periodicals, and audio books with a dedicated book budget that is not based on donations. Current and well-chosen materials support a well informed community. Your FOR vote is needed to ensure access to a rich collection.

#3 Keep the library open five days a week for community access and a safe after school environment for children. Without increased funding library hours will need to be cut and that means the library will be more difficult or impossible to access for members of our community. Your FOR vote is needed to ensure that all of our neighbors, even those with non traditional schedules, can continue to access the library and its services.

#4 Provide staff to support patrons, services for children, computer assistance, and other valued library services. The staff is the lifeblood of the library. Without them we wouldn’t have story times, personalized book recommendations, tech tables, teen workshops, our countless other services that help our community members enrich themselves with education and entertainment. Your FOR vote is needed to maintain the current level of staff support that we rely on and enjoy.

Join with over 1,000 of our neighbors that have voted so far and return your ballot marked FOR the millage increase by this Tuesday, September 15. Ballots must be received (not postmarked) by 8 pm. Ballots can be hand delivered to the Ravalli County Election Office, 215 South 4th St., Suite C; Hamilton, MT 59840.


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