Library use has increased 244% since opening 10 years ago. Having a 21st century library that is safe and open to everyone matters. That is why we formed the Darby Community Public Library BIC and are all voting YES for the millage increase.

We’ll put your donation to work exclusively for the campaign. Your donations go a long way. If the measure passes and Darby Community Public Library gets the resources we need to become a 21st century library, we’ll have a new investment in our communities that will last for generations. Because it matters, we’re donating our own time and money to share the Vote YES message.

You can donate today by mailing a check or money order to:

Andrew Massie, Treasurer

PO Box 344

Darby, MT 59829

Please email us at with questions.

Darby Community Public Library BIC is registered as a ballot committee with the State of Montana.