Get the Facts

library interior sept 1The Darby Community Public Library seeks a 3 mill levy increase of $30,000 to maintain the facility and sustain library services at the current level of use with stable funding. Use of the library has grown by over 200% since the library opened in 2004. A mill levy increase is being sought for dedicated funds to maintain building and sustain library operations that support children’s services, education and job resources, free community gathering space, public computers, and free online access. Our current income analysis is 55% property taxes (existing 5 mill levy),15% other governmental revenues, and 30% library contributions, grants, and donations. The sustainable model provided by the mill levy increase will replace the unstable contributions, donations and grants with dedicated funds. While grants and donations have been and will continue to be a source of funding, they cannot be relied upon to support staffing and building maintenance such as roof or utility systems repairs/replacement.

More facts and figures on how library usage has grown since 2004 are available on the library’s website.

PLAN A Outcome-Mill Levy Passes

Building components and structure will be repaired and maintained with dedicated funds.

Books, periodicals, audiobooks will be purchased with a dedicated Book Budget that is not based on donations.

Library will remain open five days a week for community access and a safe after school environment for children.

Staffing will be available to support patrons, services for children, computer assistance, and other valued library services.

PLAN B Outcome-Mill Levy Fails

Building will be maintained if funding is available.

Library materials will not be purchased until funding is available.

Open hours will be cut significantly as the Library moves forward.

Staff time will be decreased and unable to support current level of service as the Library moves forward.