Outcomes of the Millage Increase

Vote YES for Darby Library cheer
Children doing the Vote YES for Darby Library cheer.

Ballots are arriving in homes for the September 15 special election. It asks voters in our community¬†for a 3 mill levy increase of $30,000, which is one third of the library’s budget. The Darby Community Public Library BIC is asking for your support for the millage increase here is why.

If the measure passes the increased funding will be used to:

  1. Repair and maintain the building with dedicated funds.
  2. Purchase books, periodicals, and audiobooks with a dedicated book budget that is not based on donations.
  3. Open the library five days a week for community access and a safe after school environment for children.
  4. Provide staff to support patrons, services for children, computer assistance, and other valued library services.

More facts on the library’s website.

These 4 outcomes will provide the 21st century library our community deserves. Vote YES for Darby Library! Mark your ballot and mail it in by September 15th. Or hand deliver to the Ravalli County Election Office, 215 South 4th St., Suite C; Hamilton, MT 59840